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Despite its small size, it was one of the most densely populated republics of the Soviet Union.

There is also "Grabar" Armenian, the original written language, which is still used in the liturgy of the Armenian national (Apostolic) church. Mount Ararat has had symbolic significance for all Armenians. It may be seen on the horizon from Yerevan, but like a mirage it remains inaccessible to Armenians.Its border countries are Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan-Naxçivan, the Republic of Georgia, Iran, and Turkey.Its climate is highland continental, with hot summers and cold winters.One and a half million Armenians are dispersed in the Americas.

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About one million Armenians live in various European countries, and half a million Armenians live in the Middle East and Africa. When Armenia was under Russian and Soviet rule, Russian constituted the second official language.Armenians also identify themselves as the people of Ararat/Urartu and of Nairi, and their habitat as nairian ashkharh or yergir nairian .