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18-Jul-2017 06:11

We use Microsoft Live Family Safety and her account is filtered to only allow “General internet” websites, and no social media.

I logged in to her account (I have the password, of course) and WAS able to get to the Omegle website. However, Live Family Safety gives me the ability to add any website to a block list.

I hadn’t until a teenager mentioned it in a comment on another article.

I’ve also had several requests from concerned parents asking for a review.

Unless either of you are doing the recording, I don't think that anyone else can have access to it, if that's what you are asking.

Per se, I cant say that I would recommend this among young couples because in case a recording is done and in case that falls into the wrong hands OR uploaded in some MMS clip, then you've really had it.

To avoid it, install a good quality anitvirus and internet security software and keep it updated.

If you do that, no problem will happen, happy love Hi mam, me and my gf are in separate cities now and we have online sex through cam and audio mediums.

Well, that is what he said but that’s the thing – who really knows?One video was a teen girl’s story of how she met up with an Omegle chat buddy in person without her parents’ knowledge. The Omegle homepage clearly states that the service is not for those under 13: “Do not use Omegle if you are under 13.

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