Dating a borderline woman

16-Aug-2017 14:09

Identity consolidation is “a process of investing oneself in new adult roles, responsibilities, and contexts and evaluating one’s ongoing experience in order to construct a coherent, grounded, and positive identity” (Pals, JL, 1999).

The other developmental tasks of adolescence are identity/personality formation and consolidation, separating from parents, sexual maturation and sexual identity formation, and mature time perspective (Buhler, 1968; Neugarten, 1969).“ and your job is to figure it out and give it to her.Adult partners are expected to magically know and meet her needs and if they fail to deliver—look out!Teens still need their parents, but resent their parents for needing them; much like women who resent and hate their husbands/exes for their own self-imposed dependency.

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This mentality is obvious when a hostile dependent woman angrily asserts, “” while she has both hands out to jack her ex-husband for spousal support or her husband’s/boyfriend’s hard-earned paycheck and when she relies on her partner/ex for an ego massage to make her feel good about herself.The telltale sign of hostile dependency is the anger it generates, in both the dependent person and the person depended upon.