Dating a portuguese girl

10-Dec-2017 23:27

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Don’t get me wrong, I love winter-winters, with temperatures below zero, snow fights and ice skating on the canals in between the fields while the sun bravely shines down on you after chasing all the clouds away. And of course, after having eaten all that delicious Spanish food, you want to impress them with your country’s beautiful cuisine. There is nothing I love more than a little competition and sportive rivalry. And then all these incredible photoshopped pictures appeared online. We didn’t speak for a couple of days and that’s when I learned: it isn’t When you’re in a relationship with someone from a different country it is inevitable to be away from each other every now and again. Sometimes, when we’re both at home and I’m trying to read a book or watch some tv in the living room she might be Skyping with her family.The reality of the matter is though that nine times out of ten, Dutch winters aren’t like that. So when the news came out that the Dutch were to play the Spanish in the 2014 world cup, I couldn’t wait. Of course, after having lost the 2010 final to the Spanish, my lady has always made fun of the Dutch team. When you’re dating a Spanish girl who lives in Spain with her family, you cannot always come with her because you have things to to and places to be at. It all starts very quietly and civilised but before you know it there are three or four women shouting at each other and I am just sitting there on the couch all confused, not knowing if they want to kill each other or if they are celebrating that Barcelona has just won.We took an elevator up to our room, where I felt like the bed was the giant elephant we tried hard to ignore.“I got you something” he said in his soft voice and took out a Portuguese soccer scarf.By now, my body is completely frozen stiff and I’m unable to wave back. “Un poquito más” will be one of the first sentences you learn.It took three hot chocolates for me to get warm again. It means “a little more” and these three words will make you fat. You soon realise though that that’s not the language of the people and that, more importantly, telenovelas aren’t Spanish. I stared at the cloudy sky wishing I went to Portugal instead. No, this definitely wasn’t going to be a summer romance where we frolicked on the beach. I mean, what if the language barrier got to be too much? The cold weather made it impossible for me to wear any of the twelve dresses I packed for the trip. I felt guilty for convincing her to stay in the same hostel, but I was a bit nervous Luiz and I were just not going to get along.

If you’re anything like me, then you don’t really enjoy Dutch winters. Dating a Spanish girl, and after having been to Spain a couple of times, your in-laws might come over to that beautifully flat country of yours. Taking a kroket out of the wall might be a new experience, but it isn’t very romantic.Spanish food is dee-licious, their Jamón Iberico, the fuet, the chorizo, the paella, the tortilla de patatas, they are all just heavenly devils in edible disguise. When you see your first Telenovela (soap opera), you can’t believe Spanish is a real language. After spending some time playing Duolingo, studying audiobooks and listening to countless Spanish songs (God, I wish I could get Solamente Tu out of my head) you discover Spanish actually isn’t that hard to learn.After you’ve eaten everything on the table though, you’re mother in law will say the following line: “Un poquito más? Spanish food is delicious and my new family can’t stop feeding me. The grammatical structure of the language is, in fact, quite uncomplicated, and soon you will find yourself understanding more than just the “Dos cervezas, por favor.” and you start to enjoy learning a new language.He got out of the taxi, just as shy and gorgeous as I remembered him, now wearing a dark jacket and jeans.

He hugged Pame and then awkwardly kissed me on the cheek.The first time me and my girlfriend were to meet, we agreed to meet in front of a bar (the three sisters) here in Groningen at 3 o’clock.