Dating game trivia questions

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But he also says that he can't tell where they are, such as: (a) A penthouse or on the beach (b) A garden or crowded avenue (c) Atop a mountain or a valley of flowers Sunday, Monday, Happy Days, Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days, Thursday, Friday, Happy Days, Saturday, what a day, Rockin all week with you. (Oh Happy Days) This day is ours (Oh Happy Days) Oh please be mine.Hello sunshine, goodbye rain, She's wearing my high school ring on her chain. Please note that we do not allow opinion questions. Which drink was created in 1846, as a result of the French authorities offering a reward to anyone who could come up with a way of helping members of the French Foreign Legionnaires to drink quinine?

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Learn how to avoid these errors in this lesson, and practice your skills with a short quiz.

The person left standing at the end of the game is named winner.

Print Love To Know's questions for trivia quiz night for your next girl's night in.

Died in 1986 and is credited with appearing in 76 roles. This group had a hit with the song “Relax” in 1984? This war was fought between France & Germany from July 1870 to May of 1871. This fictional character taught Elvis how to dance, starred on the University of Alabama football team, was a war hero, a ping pong legend, & the founder of a shrimp company. What is the name of the bassist in the band “the red hot chili peppers”? The first real mobile QB, he was the star QB of the Minnesota Vikings & New York Giants for 17 years. What was Ponce De Leon in search of when he discovered Florida? It took this guy 3 movies, and over 9 hours of walking to throw a ring into a mountain & destroy it. This man directed the Shawshank Redemption and is the executive producer of the Walking Dead. This brewery was founded in Phoenixville PA in 1995. When the Phillies acquired Cliff Lee from the Indians in 2009, they also acquired this extra Outfielder in the trade? TIE BREAKER: how many Rushing TDs did Fran Tarkenton have in his 17 year career?

Do you have a question you are looking for an answer to? Trivia questions can jog the memory and provide an opportunity to take a little walk down memory lane. For a printable version of these questions and answers, click on the thumbnail to the left.