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I am still with my man, and often times he is too boring, unemotional and untalkative and never wants to do anything spontaneous, which is needed, though not overbearingly, for the Taurus.I try and get him to open up and go on an adventure every once in a while.Every time I think 'ok, time to move on' he reappears. I think the only thing that has been maintaining my sanity is that I am an older woman, but, having said that possibly that is the problem too.Taurus woman Capricorn man ten years difference is there a hope or is it a joke?I kinda miss our relationship because it really did have a lot of potential but there was a lot of outside influence that help kill it....

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Honesty, understanding, patience, sincerity, and kindness, with a good joke here and there makes for a lasting relationship between a Taurus woman and a Capricorn man, at least that's what we live by. we like to have everything present and are very in love with love, whereas caps are in a strongly built wall and wont express their love.

We understand each others needs for space because we're like best friends and we also enjoy each others company and often find our selves laughing it up about something... Paul I am a Capricorn male who just came out of an exhausted marriage of 20 years with an Aries.

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