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Traditional CMS are built specifically to quickly deploy and manage websites – typically simple sites and blogs.However, today’s content is consumed by a much wider range of applications, including complex web platforms, native apps, wearables, kiosks, Io T devices, and other data-driven projects.Content should be created and managed independently from the place it will be used.By decoupling and authoring application-agnostic content, you gain the freedom to use it , since you are no longer limited to a single platform.Directus differs from other CMS in that it directly mirrors your database – essentially making it a safe and client-friendly database GUI.Instead of your content being stored in a proprietary blackbox datastore, Directus gives you complete control over optimizing the actual database architecture based on your specific project needs.All system info is stored in separate tables, so your data always remains pure and unmuddled.

Complex sites are more attainable since you're no longer limited to the technologies, libraries, and languages of an all-in-one solution.

It allows you to quickly create and manage multiple instances of Directus, each with it's own asset storage and custom content delivery API endpoints.