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It does have some nice bondage moments and several rapes.If any fellow Gimpers have seen it and were able to figure out the context please fill me in."Torture of Japan"This feature consists of three segments, each about twenty minutes long.I think she's one of the more attractive bondage models out there. This is an effort from what appears to be the mid 70s.Sarge is a very lucky guy, to be sure."), I went to and searched for you... It looks like you might be at least a bit into breath-play -- my kind of woman! Run time is two hours, each feature one hour in length.Maya got her cute little ass chewed out tonight because she has failed to post, I hope she will tonight. and I don't think Sarge would be so stupid as to have some guy in our house for 3 days, and not know the difference. By the way, I am pretty sure Amber's pussy is still sore... I think she's one of the more attractive bondage models out there. See the fringe benefits of being a bondage producer? And yes, I should be able to tell even without a face if "he's back! It's going to take me some time to go along with "Blakemore" as his "default" name, considering the research I did that has me thoroughly (or almost thoroughly) convinced Blakemore is another guy (mag photo editor), and it's also occurred to me recently that it might be the photo editor's real name (Barbara Behr and Bob Bishop used their real names in the mag credits).

Go ahead and check out the pictures below -- so hot!

Normally I have no difficulty figuring out the storyline in a Japanese flick even though I don't speak the language.

This time however I was utterly lost and with no idea of what was going on.

She pulls the body to shore and is caught in some fondling with it and is whisked away to the police station.

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There, she is bound wrists to ceiling for interrogation.

No, I dont really think it's Pierce Brosnan, though it could be Leonard Nimoy (if it was 15 or so years ago).